SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This model lets subscribers take advantage of the most up-to-date versions of software. Software is used across the internet, on-demand. This lets the user just use the tools without needing to load software, hire IT professionals, purchase updates/fixes, and store massive amounts of data.

The Gadfly Project continues to develop high quality SaaS systems and make them widely avaliable to users. Look into our wide array of cloud-based services.

Cloud-based Event Management

Made for private events, this is a comprehensive tool that can be easily integrated into any website. It includes ticketing with payment processing and easy digital check-in on the day.

This is a free tool with all the features necessary to efficiently and effectively present your events. Perfect for events like: concerts, music festivals, school sporting events, company events, etc.

Some key features include:
  • ablility to create paid and free ticketed events;
  • ability to create virtual and in-person events;
  • flexible ticket pricing;
  • bar code and single key checkin;
  • easy online ticket purchasing; and
  • attractively hosted event page with embeddable code for your website or social media.

News Sevice

Let your stakeholders know the amazing things you are doing. Use this service to display your latest articles cleanly to your website.

Service includes an intuitive dashboard to let even the novice user post professional content.

Website Template and CMS

Get a modern professional website in minutes. Let us show you how.

eCommerce Service

The recent COVID pandemic pulled the curtain to expose the significant vulnerabilities faced by any company that does not possess the ability to operate online.

Suite includes several tools to present and execute online sales.

Contact us for details.

Restaurant and Food Truck Service

The fast-paced world of food services can be stressful. An ill-timed software glitch can cost you money and customer satisfaction. We try to do our part to reduce that hassle by making creating comprehensive software that takes into account your unique needs.

This service includes:
  • a POS interface to accept credit cards or cash;
  • an online ordering interface that can be accessed from the store;
  • a kitchen interface with timing feature for for orders placed in person or online;
  • an online ordering interface (accessible by QR code) that can be accessed from the store;
  • real-time inventory adjustments; and
  • easy menu creator with built in pricing features.
While we do offer some existing SaaS tools, we also welcome the opportunity to develop custom cloud solutions on-demand. If you would like to discuss your options and explore what would be best for your specific need, please send us a message!

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