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The Gadfly Project's approach to service replects the core principle of providing the best advice, software, and services to the client. We are not investor-driven. Our objectives are not to raise capital, attract the most employees, or position ourselves for sale. We measure our value by the quality of our services and feedback from those who entrust their operations to us.

Cyber-security has become one of the most important features of an organization's concerns. The growing number of threats are hard to stay abreast of for any CIO or director. We stay focused on the latest threats and keeping you safe by utilizing a customized a combination of software, preparation, and knowledge of the threat environment.

The ramifications of an attack on your organization are immense. Data loss, data breach, loss of user/customer confidence, to name a few. Your IT staff needs the backing of a comprehensive plan, focused on security. Taking appropriate measures to assist your IT personnel shows forward thinking and a grasp of the obstacles of todays world.
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Most incidents go undetected for days, months, or years. If systems are not in place to detect attempts, you may already have been compromised! Assessments are often the last thing on the list of to-dos for an organization... until it is too late. An assessment will identify vulnerabilities that will allow you to mitigate threats before they happen.

We can provide assessments that are based on established frameworks like ISO, CMMA/CMMC, NIST, and more.

In most cases an assessment will result in a report that outlines your vulnerabilities. Unlike many firms, The Gafly Project provides report that will be understandable and actionable without the to oulay a major capital commitment that is out of reach. Your request and size will drive our recommendations allowing you to quickly implement to most effective path-forward and policies to get you on your way to contract compliance, insurance, and/or security.
It's not just foriegn governments anymore. Digital-based systems are under constant threat from nefarious actors, large to small. This is a fact. Attacks are happening on a daily basis. Many are effectively controlled and mitigated. Many are not.

Threat situations evolve quickly and usually require precisely directed action to mitigate damage to data, property, and reputation.

The Gadfly Project has assembled an agile team of professionals that, when retained, can be deployed to effectively respond to on-site and off-site incidents.

This team is tasked with working along-side your IT staff or contractors to gather the necessary facts and mount an appropriate, sometimes pre-determined, response.
Your systems can have the software and skills to monitor for suspicious activity on a 24/7 basis. Without this active monitoring, your risk may be significantly higher.
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