Multinational Violence Reporting System

For over 60 years, The Fund for Peace (FFP) has been a world leader in developing practical tools and approaches for reducing conflict. With a clear focus on the nexus of human security and economic development, FFP contributes to more peaceful and prosperous societies by engineering smarter methodologies and smarter partnerships. FFP empowers policy-makers, practitioners, and populations with context-specific, data-driven applications to diagnose risks and vulnerabilities and to develop solutions through collective dialogue.

FFP specializes in conflict mapping and geospatial data analysis and has used this expertise to support several projects. For example, FFP built an online Peace Map that integrates more than 24,000 conflict incidents in Nigeria and lists more than 650 Peace Agents. The Peace Map aims to strengthen local participatory conflict assessment and has allowed FFPs local partners to address various conflict issues in the Niger Delta. The creation of the Peace Map has allowed FFP to produce studies, briefs, and trackers on conflict trends in the Niger Delta, helping to fill in knowledge gaps on the part of the donor community and public-sector stakeholders.

FFP has conducted stakeholder network analysis of institutional networks at a national, regional, and continental level in an effort to understand the effects of different network characteristics, pinpoint key gaps, and identify leverage points where small changes can have outsized effects. As part of a project on preventing election violence in Nigeria, FFP mapped nearly 280 organizations involved in that broader effort. From that map, FFP analyzed the presence and characteristics of the network in Nigeria's 36 states and how it affected election violence during the 2015 electoral cycle. FFP also mapped nearly 650 organizations working across West Africa to help inform the engagement of the Economic Community of West African States with civil society in the region and mapped over 1,500 organizations involved in youth initiatives to inform the planning and interventions of the Open Society Foundation.

The Gadfly Project developed a comprehensive map application to accomplish the broad and deep goals of FFP. This map has been an indespensible conflict mitigating tool since 2011.