Tourism Destination in Need of an Updated Web Presence

Sail Baltimore brings ships - glorious tall ships, high-tech naval warships and other ships of historic, environmental and educational interest - from around the world to Baltimore. Since 1976, they have hosted more than 750 ships, providing millions of Baltimore residents and visitors a thrilling firsthand look at some of the world's greatest seagoing vessels.

In 2015, after much research and consultation, the leadership of the organization determined that an update of its web presence was desperately needed to maintain a competitive image and to reflect the quality destination that it was. This endeavor, however, was not as easy as one might think. The current website had many tools, and information integrated over the years. Additionally, an ability to edit the site was necessary for future maintenance. The Gadfly Project was chosen to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem.

The first problem was to address the design of the site. It had not been updated for nearly a decade. Using industry best practices, a responsive site was designed. Special care was taken to present the vast amount of content in an orderly manner to maximize the user experience.

Next, an existing social media presence was to be integrated with the site.

Finally, a user friendly content management system (CMS) was developed to allow a part-time staff to edit content with ease. The CMS had to access and upload, with minimal confusion, into various regions on the website. This was accomplished using devoped tools and methods that lets staff focus on marketing and operations, not web issues.