Software and Database Development for Commercial, Government, and Non-profit Organizations

Offshore Pricing - Onshore Service
The emergence of new technologies and platforms presents the modern organization with unprecedented opportunities and intricate challenges. To become or remain a relevant global force, adaptability is a must.

Since 2013, The Gadfly Project has been a committed partner to organizations around the world with their data handling and analysis through customized application and database development.

No freelancer outsourcing - No temp staffing - All dedicated personnel you can count on

Sample Title of Paper

Experience + Process Efficiency = Lower Cost
How are we so cost effective?

It's simple, less time is spent transferring information from person to person.
Our unique process leads to fewer changes, fewer misunderstandings, fewer errors
and fewer dollars wasted.

- Client has direct control
- Payroll expenses are costly
- Employee benefits are expensive
- Employees need space; another expense
- You have direct control
- Employees need management (another employee)
- Employee retention is hard
- Post-project downsizing can be legally troublesome

- Unlimited knowledge bank
- Changing requirements are a major factor
- Occassional language issues
- Unknown process and progress
- Client's control of outcome is limited to specs
- Rarely results in what client envisions
- Less accountability by developers

The Gadfly Project Option

Not hiring. Not outsourcing.
The Gadfly Project acts as your partner throughout the life-cycle of the software, from specifications consulting through support and hosting.



It is always tough to decide
when to hire and when to outsource.
For software development, it is an especially hard decision.

Here are some factors to consider.