Each client is different - so are your needs.
We don't forget this.
The Gadfly Project is a trusted provider of applications specifically tailored to clients' needs. The applications are developed in-house. This gives the ability to assess projects with confidence and give a fixed estimate. You will get none of unexpected cost overruns that are all too standard in the industry.

Explore why so many are choosing The Gadfly Project. It's the wise choice.

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In today's environment, the ability to work from anywhere is not just an advantage, it is also a necessity. In addition to our custom-tailored solutions, our off-the-shelf customer service tool lets your customers contact you and get a live response from your employees anywhere in the world that has internet access.

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The world is experiencing unprecidented levels of economic disparity. These pressures lead to instability and violence. While the causes are wide and deep, The Gadfly Project hopes to take its first step in moving things in a better direvtion. By partnering with NGOs around the world, we are delivering tools and solutions that promote economic inclusion by investing in emerging markets that have recently been omitted.

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